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Central Appraiser has built its professional reputation by consistently handling the toughest jobs with the utmost integrity

Appraisals ServicesWhen you need a professional, accurate real estate appraisal in Tynsborough, the greater Boston area, or New Hampshire, you owe it to yourself to contact Central Appraiser. Whether you are an individual property owner, attorney, or lender, we will provide a timely, thorough, precise appraisal for real estate, including residential, rental, industrial property or land.We specialize in the following types of appraisals:

  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy
  • Estates Planning
  • Property Tax Assessments

Divorce Going through a divorce is never easy, even when it is amicable. As a home appraiser in Tyngsborough, we provide accurate, unbiased appraisals for your family home, condominium, or other property. Our knowledge and understanding of neighborhoods and trends results in a fast, reliable valuation of your property. An honest real estate appraisal helps determine what amount each of you can expect from selling, or provides a value for one party to buy the other out in a fair settlement.

Bankruptcy When filing for bankruptcy, you need a real estate appraisal that will stand up in court. As a professional home appraiser in Tyngsborough, we appraise property for the difficult bankruptcy process throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Central Appraiser will provide an accurate appraisal, a vital tool when seeking to protect your home and equity in a bankruptcy or to show that no equity exists. This information helps you determine whether your home is safe in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or if you should file for Chapter 13.

Estate Planning Estate planning helps you protect your family’s future. Property in the estate should be appraised during this process. For a real estate appraisal in Tyngsborough or elsewhere in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, call Central Appraiser. We have years of experience, a proven track record of excellence, and meet IRS requirements as a Qualified Appraiser. An accurate appraisal of estate property helps everyone in the family feel secure and confident in property value, especially when family members wish to buy ownership from one another. Also, a proper appraisal is necessary when property is to be gifted to charity or children.

Property Tax Assessments When the state reassesses the value of your property, their numbers may be very different from what you believe is correct. Our home appraiser, based in Tyngsborough, can examine your home, rental, or commercial property and provide a fast, affordable real estate appraisal. This professional appraisal will help you feel more confident in the value of your property, and if the numbers are different from the state’s, it can help in your request for a property tax assessment review or re-evaluation.

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